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There are an abundance of services that go unused daily. Businesses want to ensure to minimize inefficient and wasteful activities, while ensuring that a reasonable profit is made. 4ThaLuv provides insightful services to get you back to doing what you love, not just 4ThaLuv,

Our mission is to drive our passion and love what we do, through our service offerings to bring about a positive and profitable change.

Our goal is to increase the quality of life of the caregiver, while also increasing the profitability of business services available for use.

We love what we do. Let that love increase your bottom line, and you’ll love us too!


Services Available

Service Strategy Development

Service Strategy Development steps through your vision and business plan strategy and evaluates the profitability of existing operations. The outcome of this service is a three to five year strategy.

To learn more about our Service Strategy Development, contact us at 4TL@4ThaLuv.com.

Old Stream Evaluation

Old Stream Evaluation is a process driven review. The focus within this service s on change. We evaluate your services, the current environment, and provide you a report of your options and risks.

To learn more about our Old Stream Evaluation, contact us at 4TL@4ThaLuv.com.

New Stream Implementation

New Stream Implementation deals with the identification of new veins of profitability. Our process works through generational nuances and identifies key indicators of profitability.

However, “Simple Put- Why Roll, When You Can Fly”

To find out more about our New Stream Implementation Service, email us at 4TL@4ThaLuv.com.

Consumer Relationship Management

Consumer Relationship Management is a wide ranging perspective, however; our consumer relationship management focus is on the business and how to strengthen relationships between the two. This service is provided at the business level, and is not available to individual’s.

If your business is interested in learning more about our Consumer Relationship Management programs, please email us at 4TL@4ThaLuv.com.

Care Life Balance

CARE LIFE BALANCE (CLB) is all about continuing to support those providing care to our aging and disabled community. Everyone needs a break, at some point, from a daily responsibilities of caring for someone. Extending the care paradigm across communities, ultimately benefits and strengthens our communities by decreasing stress. On the other side, business sometimes struggle to maintain a customer base, a demographic, and my want to use some our services to make a reduced profit. Note: This is from a charitable perspective and not all businesses and/or consumers will qualify to use it.

Email us @ 4ThaLuv.com, if you are interested in learning more about Care Life Balance.