About 4ThaLuv

4ThaLuv is about expressing a perspective of your life, driving influence about what you do, and becoming a vision and a voice for living life doing what you enjoy. In short,4ThaLuv is every individual doing whatever you love, 4ThaLuv.


The idea of 4ThaLuv came from living life, alongside dealing with some of my most epic failures. If you are like me, you eventually find yourself doing whatever you love, just 4ThaLuv.

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The overarching theme 4 2019 is “Sorting Out My Peace”. I chose this theme because 4 everything we want to do, time makes us wait; however, it’s time to press forward. It time to do it 4thaluv.

What I Do-4ThaLuv

I’m a writer at heart. So, I’m focused on bringing the world a perspective of my writing 4ThaLuv. I mean I’m in love with words. Specifically, the emotion and journey you can take a reader on with words. There are just so many ways to say what you feel.

We should all have an outlet to express our truth about our pain and joy, and our love and happiness. This is my outlet and I want to share it with you. I was prompted to put up this site as a way to complete a journey to publication. Sharing my love of words with you is a small step in that journey, but I hope you enjoy every piece you read. So there is no intention to filter or sensor expressions. However, it is important to know that 4thaluv is a 4 positive expression zone, and may sensor negative expressions, comments, etc.

Copyright 4ThaLuv 2017

We are finally into a hard launch. The member functionality has been updated, 4ThaLuv products have been added, so support the idea and enjoy the themes. New pieces added regurlarly.

Get ahead of the formal launch by taking time to register and enjoy a couple of thought pieces. Also, enjoy life, if writing is your thing, write whenever and wherever you can. If it is not, Do Whatever You Love, if only 4ThaLuv!