A Minute 2 Love…

A Minute 2 Love…

Last night I remembered why you were so great. It was the first time I saw you and realized I was happy about where we were. How you moved on? How I moved on? Respecting the space; both yours and mine. 

It took awhile to understand the paradise in my eyes. I heard what you said, but last night is the first time I’ve danced in years. Realizing the simple things you said seemed so complex, while it was just a minute to love. 

Beginning again, I can say, took a minute. Wanting to move on, without going to the simplicity of simply laying down the next one, the one after, and the one after that. Looking back, that minute took a couple of years.

Ticking through the minutes brought me no understanding of about what you loved about me. I heard you say it – I love… the minutes we spend together, instead of saying that I love you.  I simply realize in those minutes I can see you in me, but you never saw me.  Thinking back feeds me seconds of reflections from everything around me, but never me. No matter how many times I looked.

It hurt for awhile, but now I come to think of that minute as a blessing, and I thank you for it. It’s not about what went wrong, as much as it is about the things that went right. 

What went right is that you’re happy now.  That’s what you left me with, and I believe you. 

What went right is that I’m happy now. Truthfully, I have been for some time. The peace that moves around me brought my passion for the words, for the art, for the simplicity of the minutes back into my life.

Not long from now, I will hold onto my minute. Taking a minute to love everything about the seconds of my minute. Keeping time, I hope to stretch my love all through that minute until the love is finished, and not before.

The chemistry of the minute seem like a lifetime ago, but is was just a minute. Taking this minute to love brought about a new life for me.