About 4ThaLuv

4ThaLuv is about expressing a perspective of your life, about something you love. 4ThaLuv is the beginning of a movement, a vision, and a voice that journey for living life doing what you love. In short, 4ThaLuv is call for every individual to do what they love, if only 4ThaLuv.


The idea of 4ThaLuv came from a longing to do something I love, which is to write. Well, I think I was meant to be a writer anyway. I enjoy it immensely. Of course their is more to becoming a writer than just love for the art. Thus, 4ThaLuv is about doing something you love, if only 4ThaLuv. Not that I’m great at it.

What Is It You Love to Do?

Ask yourself, what is it you love to do? What did you want to do as a child? As you grew up, what did you want to try? Life has a way of dragging you away from things you loved in your lifetime; people, passion, and purpose.

Often we remember that we are not living in our purpose and that we are not living in our passion, when something disturbs our peace. Our lives are so short. All we have all are the moments. So, is it so far fetched an idea to start doing what you love, if only 4ThaLuv?

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What Do You Do 4ThaLuv?

I’m a writer. You could be an artist, music enthusiast, sculptor, or any of a million things. So 4ThaLuv is all about finding, exploring, and enjoying doing whatever you love, if only 4ThaLuv.

We should all have an outlet to express our truth about our pain and joy, and our love and happiness. I was prompted, initially, to put up this site as a way to complete a journey to publication for myself, but 4ThaLuv is bigger than just me. So there is no intention to filter or sensor expressions of what you love, if you choose to comment under many of the upcoming motivational post or stories. However, it is important to know that 4thaluv is a 4 positive expression zone, and may sensor negative expressions, comments, etc.

We are finally into a hard launch. Become a free subscriber, purchase items from the 4ThaLuv Shopping page, and be apart of the movement.

Also, enjoy life, if writing is your thing, write whenever and wherever you can. If it is not, Do Whatever You Love, if only 4ThaLuv!

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