“4ThaLuv Symbol” Matte Onyx Celebration Bracelet


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The 4ThaLuv Onyx Bracelet is expertly hand cast and polished in the USA and features vibrant, textured and glossy enamel-style coloring. It’s the perfect way to celebrate you or anyone who lives in passion and purpose. Celebrate the present and the future with this elegant 4ThaLuv Onyx Bracelet and remember that your passion and purpose is all love, if only 4ThaLuv!

.: Sterling silver or 18K gold plated pendant
.: Elastic wire
.: Several charm shapes
.: Nickel and lead free


I love to write. Writing is something I know I will do for the rest of my life. Its in my blood, my bones, my soul and my heart. So, I founded 4ThaLuv as anoutlet for my writing.

Aspiring to be the best writer I can be, I continue to strive for that eventual best selling novel. However, if it never happens, I'll be alright with sharing a part of me with the world.

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