“4ThaLuv” School Backpack


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“4ThaLuv” An irreplaceable practical item for school or everyday usage, this backpack provides a solemn reminder to be u and do what you love, if only 4ThaLuv, along with comfort and protection of your work and/or ideas.

.: 100% PU leather
.: Chocolate brown lining
.: Inside pockets
.: Padded back


I love to write. Writing is something I know I will do for the rest of my life. Its in my blood, my bones, my soul and my heart. So, I founded 4ThaLuv as anoutlet for my writing.

Aspiring to be the best writer I can be, I continue to strive for that eventual best selling novel. However, if it never happens, I'll be alright with sharing a part of me with the world.

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